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Organic Beauty Week and The Campaign For Clarity

Posted on September 13, 2015 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

As part of the Soil Association's annual "Organic September" inititative, this week we focus on organic beauty.  This time it's all about the Campaign for Clarity/Nothing To Hide which focuses on the ingredients in beauty products.

As we outlined in our Why choose natural beauty article in August, there are some weird things that go into the average shampoo and moisturiser.  It's particularly important that products labelled "organic" really are what they claim to be.  Unlike food, there is currently no legal standard in place for organic beauty products, although normal trading standards law is in place to prevent false claims.  However, when you take the time to read the label on many products claiming to be organic, they sometimes contain many standard non-organic ingredients.

The Soil Association has one of the highest levels of organic certification and brands have to pass rigorous checks of their products to carry the prestigious symbol. In a world of ever more creative greenwashing it's a logo you can trust. 

At Outsider we work with companies that produce organic beauty ingredients using high quality natural ingredients: Skin & Tonic; and the award-winning Tabitha James Kraan. 

So this week why not make your "small change" and choose something organic for your beauty routine. 

The perfect item to get you started is the Soil Association approved Skin & Tonic Travel Gift Set.  It includes travel size tasters of five amazing products, an organic cotton face cloth and is packed in a handy organic cotton bag. 

Enjoy 10% off all orders of organic beauty items with code ORGANICB during this special week.  

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