Behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot...

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

Behind the scenes at our latest photoshoot
We had so much fun shooting our new pieces a few weeks back, we thought we would share some of the behind the scenes photos with you. The day started with our longtime collaborator Tabitha James Kraan preparing our model Alessia.


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Organic Beauty Week and The Campaign For Clarity

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As part of the Soil Association's annual "Organic September" inititative, this week we focus on organic beauty.  This time it's all about the Campaign for Clarity/Nothing To Hide which focuses on the ingredients in beauty products. As we outlined in...

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Outsider's natural beauty holiday essentials

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Summer is here so it's time to think about a little extra TLC for your skin and hair. Check out our natural beauty esentials...


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Stripes for Spring

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Timeless and chic stripes have a sporty and stylish history which makes them perfect wardrobe staples.In France the stripy blue and white Breton top is known as la marinière. The French navy specified  the uniforms of all naval personnel in...

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The World Vegan Month Edit

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November is World Vegan Month. It starts with World Vegan Day on the first of the month, a day which celebrates the founding of the world’s first Vegan Society 1944. The word ‘vegan’ was chosen by founder Donald Watson and...

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