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Why choose Ethical Fashion?

The key to shopping ethically is to replace some or all of your negative purchases (cheap, low quality, zero supply chain information) with more positive ones. 

There are a number of benefits to shopping in this way:

Quality is guaranteed
We think long-term in everything we do. Our garments are designed with longevity in mind. They are made from high quality fabrics and manufactured well. They can be worn season after season.

Fewer clothes/less waste
Because our clothes work harder for you there is less need for a wardrobe with items you rarely wear.  Overall you can purchase fewer pieces per year and invest a little more per item to ensure quality is higher and your favourite clothes last longer. 

Our clothes lend themselves well to accessories and changing your look. They can form the centre piece of many outfits.  From desk to dinner, our dresses and separates will work seamlessly.  

Peace of mind
You can rest assured that your garment is the result of a completely ethical supply chain. We have fully researched all suppliers and visit them regularly to make sure standards are being maintained. Outsider were one of the first eco and ethical fashion brands to establish in the UK. This is our seventh year of production and our suppliers and manufacturers know the quality and transparency we expect. 

If you have any questions about our products or how they are made then please feel free to contact us...

Ethical Fashion Focus

Outsider Fabric Focus: Milk fibre
Focus on milk fibreMilk fibre has a bright future. It's a perfect marriage of science, technology and nature. As we make the switch to more sustainable fabrics milk is taking us closer to the future we all aim for; Zero waste.


Outsider Fabric Focus: Bamboo
Focus on bamboo fabricBamboo has come a long way in a short time. Recent developments now mean we have the choice of two forms of fabric: viscose and linen. Both have relatively good eco-credentials.


Why choose natural beauty?
Skin is our largest body organ and absorbs half of what we put on it into the bloodsteam; reason enough to discover why you should make the switch to natural beauty products.


How to green up your wardrobe
At Outsider we want to encourage you to make more ethical and sustainable choices when buying fashion and so we've created eight tips to help you on your way.


Connect with Outsider

Outsider Fashion is the Ethical Fashion clothing destination for all things sustainable. We pride ourselves on our use of Natural, Sustainable Fabrics - Organic Cotton, Merino Wool, Hemp, Bamboo and Tencel. Outsider Fashion is a UK based company, with the option of Worldwide postage. Stay up to date through our Ethical Fashion Blog. Now also offering Sustainable & Organic fabrics by the metre and a range of Natural Beauty.

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