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Posted on September 20, 2022 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

Second Hand September
Since 2019, Oxfam's Second Hand September has inspired thousands of people to shop in a way that is kinder to people and planet. With climate change affecting all of us, there's never been a better time to act. Join the movement today, and take the sustainable style challenge with the amazing feel-good factor.  We have launched our RESALE section in collaboration with OWNI just in time.
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What is second hand September?

Second Hand September is a campaign to encourage people to buy only second hand items for 30 days in the month of September.

You can use the hashtag #SecondhandSeptember with any second hand item you buy and post a photo on social media.

Read more about the campaign here.

Here's some helpful tips from Fashion Revolution on taking care of your secondhand clothes:

    1. It may seem obvious but – read the care label! Learn what the symbols on your clothes labels mean and take the time to care for them like the good friends they are.
    2. Air dry – not just good for the planet but good for your clothes too! Studies show that tumble drying can cause significant damage to clothing, mainly in regards to shrinking and wearing fabric down. 
    3. Wash less – our clothes don’t need to be washed nearly as frequently as we think. Only wash an item if it is visibly dirty and if it’s just a small stain, spot-clean it with stain remover.
    4. Brush up on your sewing skills – we’re not expecting you to be able to create a new dress from scratch, but basic repairs such as hemming, darning, and replacing buttons can go a long way. Anything you don’t feel comfortable doing, seek out a tailor.

    Whether it's the 1st, the 21st or even the 30th, make your pledge to shop second hand for 30 days.

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