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Good things happen when you go organic

Posted on September 01, 2015 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

It's Organic September time again. This is the UK's biggest celebration of all things organic and is organised annually by the Soil Association. This year it runs under the head line "Good things happen when you go organic".

It's now generally accepted that swapping to organic products benefits humans, animals and the environment. Research shows that organic farms support 50% more wildlife, with 30% more species than the farms that use chemicals which reduce biodiversity in their attempts to control weeds and pests

At Outsider our focus is of course of choosing organic fibres for our fabrics, we are particularly passionate about using organic cotton.  This infographic makes clear the benefits of making the switch.

Firstly fields aren't sprayed in toxic chemicals that are inhaled and ingested by farmers and wildlife; the cotton is not genetically modified (GM); further chemical nasties like heavy metals and formaldehyde are banned during the manufacturing process; factory conditions are better...

And finally there are no residues in the finished article which means less allergic reactions.  

We could go on - for a more detailed discussion of the benefits have a look at the Soil Association organic cotton page

We can all make a difference. Making the switch is the one thing where consumers can directly alter how things are grown and reared. The changes we make means a rise in demand for organic products and a corresponding fall in demand for the chemically drenched and genertically modified alternatives. 

This is the best month if you're looking for an organic bargain. To celebrate Organic September we are offering 15% off our organic cotton styles  - just use the code ORGANIC at the checkout. 

So how will you "Organic" your September?






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