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Five tips for switching to natural beauty

Posted on November 02, 2015 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

Look at the label on the back of the average beauty product and you'll see a long list of ingredients with far too many of the letter "x" in them for them to be good for your health.

As we said in our previous natural beauty article, over half of what we apply to our skin, like food, gets absorbed into our bloodstream.

At Outsider we're here to help you make the switch to beauty products that are more natural:    

1. Read the labels
If you add together the number of ingredients in the products you use on an average morning you will probably reach 100 before you apply your deodorant. 

Most of these ingredients are relatively harmless on their own, at such small doses. However, it's difficult to work out how all they all react with each other when you use a shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, hair gel/wax/spray, moisturiser and make-up in a single morning. 

On top of that, some recent research has claimed that parabens and some of the sulphates used in these products are harmful to our health. 

There are an increasing number of brands that have come up with more natural solutions. We stock some of them. Try Skin & Tonic, Tabitha James Kraan and Fresh Therapies for starters.

Skin & Tonic for example never have more then 7 ingredients in a product, and most of these are organic, like this amazing Steam Clean which removes make up while soothing your skin. 

 2. Buy less, use less
With "Buy 2 get 1 free" deals shouting at you from every advertising space it's easy to end up using more of a product that you actually need. 

When you reach for a shampoo and there are two other full ones staring at you it's easy for your brain to think "I've get to get through all of this". Special offers are a false economy and they generate waste.

We recommend buying good quality beauty products that last longer. You will value them more and only use the amount you need.

3. Declutter
This is kind of linked to the post above. During my exhaustive research of people's bathrooms over the last few weeks I have noticed that some people have enough products on display to last them for years. 

The bottles and tubes are lined up three or four deep, waiting patiently for the day when they will be thrown out to make room for the next batch of products that will probably meet the same fate. 

If you're a beauty product hoarder we give the same advice again: pay more for high quality essentials that you value. You'll also get some space back in your bathroom. 

4. Wash your hair less  
Washing too often damages both the hair and scalp. The majority of us have enough naturally occurring oils in our skin and scalp to mean that we really only need to wash our hair once or twice per week.  

If you feel the need to freshen it up in between washes then try using an organic dry shampoo or hair perfume from the Tabitha James Kraan range. 

5. Replace products gradually
Don't go crazy and create a bonfire of products in your back garden straight after reading this article. Do your research and find a replacement product that you'll be happy with. Request or buy samples where possible. 

We sell mini versions of all Skin & Tonic and Fresh Therapies products to get you started. 

Start with the the most serious items, the ones we rub into our skin and get absorbed into the body more quickly. 

After that, find a shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. We offer Tabitha James Kraan's organic amber rose hair cleanser and organic citrus 4-in-1 conditioner for your haircare. 

Although nail polish and their removers aren't easily absorbed there is a reason why they smell like super glue. Fortunately we do have some solutions to offer, try out Fresh Therapies natural nail polish remover or Namaki's range of water based nail polishes.

Water based nail polish

We are continuing our research and will be adding more products to this section so please check again soon. 

Outsider. Sustainable and ethical fashion since 2009.  Now offering a curated range of natural beauty products to complete your eco top to toe outfits. 



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