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Why we love bamboo, and why you will love it too...

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments


Here at Outsider, we're big fans of Bamboo. Not just the domain of the panda bear or your back garden poles, this unassuming plant is one of the best sustainable textiles for everyday wear.


As ethical style mavens, we're sure that you already know the in and outs of your fabrics. But, for those Outsiders in need a quick refresh, here are a few little facts that you may or may not know about bamboo:

  • For all it's strength and wood-like texture, Bamboo is a actually a type of grass, not a tree.

  • It's one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can reportedly grow from sea level to 14,000 feet. One Japanese variety can grow at a rate of 1m everyday.

  • Since it's cut, rather than uprooted, bamboo helps maintain soil stability during the harvesting process. When growing, the canopy acts as a barrier to dramatically reduce rain run-off and limit soil erosion, making it more environmentally friendly.

  • Where other plants may struggle to grow, bamboo is one of the most tolerate plants to extreme conditions, making it much more viable in a diverse range of climates.

  • As an alternative to cotton, an acre of bamboo produces 10x the yield of an acre of cotton. It also uses significantly less water compared to cotton, and thrives without any pesticides or fertilizers.

  • Historically, bamboo has been used as a structural component in corsets, bustles and other such fashionable women's dresses.

Ethical fashion is all about using sustainable fabrics, like bamboo, to ensure the longevity of our planet and to conduct all business in an ethical manor.

Excitingly, we've added some new pieces to our range –  Bamboo Blend Staples – and we're sure our monochrome panda bear friends would certainly approve!


The Bamboo Blend Staple leggings, vests and socks will keep you cool for the rest of the summer, but oh so toasty when the air takes a chill. Fusing simplicity and the softest bamboo fibre, they'll keep you comfortable and add a little luxury to those everyday pieces you wear again and again.


To find out more about the other sustainable fabrics we use, take a look at our fabric information page.


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