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Who's Wearing Outsider?

Posted on May 02, 2017 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

Holly Rose is the creater of the inspiring concious lifestyle blog Leotie Lovely. We are  excited to share with you how Holly wears her Outsider Sweatshirt Dress.

Holly in the Outsider Sweatshirt Dress in organic cotton ethical fashion

This first look, shot on the streets of Paris, shows how the style can be dressed up with boots and a statement clutch.

Holly in Outsider Sweatshirt Dress organic cotton ethical fashion 

The second look is taken from Holly's trip to Marseille and demonstrates how this dress is perfect for layering over skinny jeans. 

From day-to-day city life to weekend adventures, this style is a capsule wardrobe classic. 


Here's our Q & A with Holly so you can find out more about her...

How long have you been blogging/writing?
I've been writing since I was a kid, but I started blogging full-time last year. I wanted to educate myself on the mistakes I was making with products I used and habits I had in my daily life so I might learn how to live greener. So I blogged daily for 365 days picking apart my lifestyle and researching the problems each product caused and the solutions to those problems. Leotie Lovely transformed from a hobby to a vocation.

I was really lucky to get into Ethical Writers Coalition and Ethical Influencer Network when I started as they're both full of inspiring, collaborative, intelligent women who helped guide me into this new career.

Leotie Lovely is my ever-evolving guide to living more consciously. I believe that in order to be the change we wish to see, each individual needs to learn the circular story behind every object they purchase or use, and I’ve dedicated myself to recounting that narrative. I try to weave together an aesthetic and digestible tale about the people, places, and products which provide sustainable solutions for our lives and planet.

Each story is a new discovery on my own path towards a greater state of eco-wisdom and ethical awareness and unearths technologies and businesses which problem solve pollution.

My hope is to guide my readers to vote for positive change with their dollar and motivate businesses of all sizes to overhaul their production processes for the greener good.
What inspired your ethical and eco approach to fashion and style?
It's kind of a long story so I'll spare some of the details but basically I grew up in Canada wearing second-hand clothing and when my mum bought something new it was usually handmade by a friend or from the local organic clothing store her friend ran.

As I grew up and hit high school, eco-friendly wasn't 'stylish' enough for me so I started to consume fast fashion. My mum told me how the clothing was produced and what the issues were but I didn't see any other option, so I concentrated myself on buying secondhand and vintage to offset my impact, but I still found myself buying clothing new from the mall.

Over the years, my personal spirituality began to blossom into a more consciously active state and as I traveled through South East Asia in my early 20s, I began to see the tales my mum told in real life. When I returned to England after my travels I was determined to be a part of the sustainable future and started designing eco-friendly, ethically made handbags, just to prove to myself it could be done.

I have always looked to the wisdom of the First Nations Peoples who, along with my mother, are responsible for my Love, respect, and understanding of the earth, and modeled my Green Policy around it.

Over the few years I was making the bags I learned a lot about the slow fashion industry and it began to blossom and grow alongside me. The more stories I learned, the more I felt needed to be told, and that's what eventually lead me to move away from designing and into writing.

What is your top tip for eco-fashionistas?

Buy less, buy smarter, buy for you.

I think the biggest mistakes we make is buying too much, and buying from companies who don't care about the planet nor her inhabitants. Once you understand that this is not a story you want to support, it's easier to buy smarter.

The guilt just isn't worth the item and as you begin to connect to your clothing and their story, whether it's new, second hand or from a sustainable company, you begin to crave the tale behind what you're wearing.

Buying for you is important too. I have had to admit to myself over this past year, that there is a sense of luxury, and personal peace, offered by living with less.

If you’re a believer in the universal connectedness of all things seen and unseen, then the idea that clothing contains energy doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Clothing is a part of you, and thus it must represent you, not hide you from the world. It should reflect your personality and character, make you feel confident and comfortable, and be able to mix and match with your other items so you can wear your favourite items often.

Every item should be your favourite. There's no point in holding onto or acquiring new items if they don't fill you with happiness when you have them on your back!

Clothing not only holds the energy and emotions carried when you acquire it, but all energy shared as you make life’s memories wearing it, transforming emotions into matter. So it's important to make that matter matter, if that makes sense!


You can check out Holly's You Tube channel for some great Zero waste tips and travel guides.



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