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Blog Action Day 2013 - Human Friendly Fashion

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

We are really excited to be joining the Blog action day this year, the Ms Wandas website has been a great inspiration, so we have followed their suggestion by sharing a Human Friendly outfit today. 


At Outsider we consider the planet as well as the people involved in making our garments so we have included our T-shirt dress in our “Human Friendly Outfit”. Made from a mixture of silk and bamboo/organic cotton jersey, the fabrics are sustainable and ethically sourced and this style was made in London.

We have paired this with gorgeous Monkee Genes made ethically from organic cotton. The outfit is finished with a pair of Tom’s desert boots – their approach to doing business is all about giving back, so when you purchase some shoes they give a pair to someone in need – can’t get more literally human friendly then that! They really embody what ethical fashion is all about - Giving back to the people that are too often ripped off by big corporations.

Today I heard someone talk about how vacuous and meaningless fashion is – fun but without significance – I couldn’t disagree more, fashion is a platform to raise awareness. The fashion industry is dependent on human beings, we need to maintain the skills and knowledge required to make gorgeous clothes. Hence we need to ensure conditions are safe and that we help to create sustainable livelihoods. We all wear clothes so we all have an understanding of the value of a well-made item as well as a connection to the people that work in the garment industry. 

Let’s take a moment to consider how we can consume in a more human friendly way – not just ethical fashion – all products.

#BAD13, #HumanRights, #Oct16


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