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Celebrating Wool Week With Outsider

Posted on October 27, 2013 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

It's that time of year - in the Northern hemisphere at least - when the cooler breeze starts tickling our skin and wrapping up warm is priority. Wool, winter's familiar favourite, is our first port of call.

With Wool Week upon us, we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you a bit more about Outsider's choice: Merino Wool.

“How is merino wool different?” we hear you ask. Well here are a few facts about this fibre…

  • Merino wool comes from a Merino sheep. Perhaps obvious, but there are types of wool that aren't from sheep, such as angora which comes from a rabbit or cashmere which is from the belly of a goat.
  • Merinos are an ancient breed of sheep, originally from central Spain and very popular during the middle ages. It was natural, renewable and biodegradable then - as it still is today.
  • As the Campaign for Wool tells us, sheep are amazing. Grazing peacefully and growing wool for us to turn into textiles… and then the cycle starts again. Since merino is from a sheep, this continuing process means it’s a more sustainable fibre.
  • Merino wool regulates your temperature, regardless of the climate. It's breathability means that it keeps you warm during the cold, but cool when you're in warmer weather.
  • The cleverness of wool is that even through its journey from sheep to garment, it doesn’t lose any of its remarkable qualities. Merino is one of the softer wool varieties available, thanks to its finer fibres. This also allows it to have a gentler handle and drape, which is perfect for Outsider styles! 

This season, some of our merino favourites are the Wool Trousers and Polo-Neck Top. Wonderfully reliable staples with a touch of satin detailing to make it extra special. For a little more grown-up sophistication, we're introducing our Hoody Dress for Autumn. Inspired by the laid-back ease of a hoody, it's made in merino wool to keep it luxuriously grown-up and perfect for cosy wear in that autumn breeze.

The Campaign for Wool is a global initiative to raise awareness of the unique benefits of wool and it's place within ethical fashion. Supported by a wide community worldwide, this week they’re celebrating wool and it’s wonders. For extra reading, take a look at the Campaign for Wool website!


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