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Posted on October 08, 2014 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

Autumn signals, in my opinion, the greatest seasonal mash-up, both in terms of weather and wardrobe. There’s still plenty of sunshine about but a fresh chill in the air, which comes as light relief after a muggy London summer. Wardrobe wise, it’s bare legs and boot season.

For the second instalment of my posts for Outsider, I’ve worn their staple black woollen polo neck over an old Zara dress. I like the more feminine shape of the jumper with the draping of the satin contours and billowed sleeves. Short skirts are few and far between in my book, but this much leg on show feels just about acceptable when it’s combined with generous upper-body coverage.


This week the Campaign for Wool are celebrating Wool Week 2014 with various talks and demonstrations going on, championing wool as a desirable and sustainable material. Lots of British retailers are involved so keep an eye out.  Incidentally, this jumper is made from a Merino wool knitted jersey, which is lightweight, beautifully cosy, and renewable and biodegradable, to boot.


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