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Posted on January 01, 2014 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

Whether you choose to make resolutions or not, New Year is often a time for reflection and shaping our hopes for the coming months. Often, our resolutions aim at improving our individual lives, but this year, we’re proposing we think about the larger impact of our choices.

(Image showing the number clothes discarded in the UK every 5 minutes, M&S Campaign)


A recent article on the ever wondrous, Business of Fashion, hit the nail on the head:


“The truth is, “fast fashion” is a deeply unsustainable model. And by emphasising recycling rather than tackling the root cause of why people continue to buy and dispose of larger and larger quantities of lighter, thinner and less well-made clothing, consumers are reassured that they can continue shopping as normal.”

Whilst we are certainly not disregarding the efforts of recycling or up-cycling initiatives, the Outsider philosophy has always been more focused on ethical fashion and on creating solutions and a more sustainable model for the long term. In this time of reflection, we’re remembering what Outsider stands for…


  • A timeless style – our approach to design is not trend driven, though we are not anti-modern either. Instead, we aim to gently nod to contemporary fashion, whilst retaining our emphasis on styles with mileage.
  • High quality, luxurious feel fabrics – we opt for more sustainable solutions wherever possible. Whether through organic fibres or better natural options, our ethos informs our textile choices, to help ensure our clothes last.
  • Versatile design – a cornerstone to our process, we always design with your variable lifestyles in mind. Desk to dinner; we aim to make clothes that offer flexibility and functionality.


We hope to inspire you to keep Outsider styles for the long haul; to style them in different ways for different occasions – these garments are designed to work hard for you, whilst doing their bit in the giant ethical fashion jigsaw. We even hope you might even pass them onto your sisters/daughters/cousins one day.




So, with that in mind, how about this year we simply aim to be more mindful of our choices. To buy LESS, buy BETTER quality and use what we have MORE - whether it’s through clothing choices or through other aspects of our lives. As the BoF article shows, our habits impact far wider than we imagine, and it’s through these small everyday decisions that we can create waves of change.


To help get you started we are offering 25% off all online orders over £100 in January with code - HAPPYNEWYEAR

Happy 2014 to all Outsiders!



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