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New bamboo on the block...

Posted on October 28, 2014 by Noorin Khamisani | 0 comments

We've added some new luxurious bamboo staples to our range. These are cosy essentials to keep you warm and comfortable as the cold nights draw in.

Firstly our favourite - a sweatshirt top in charcoal grey marl heavy bamboo jersey fabric.  Lena Dunham refers to sweatshirts as a "comfort blouse" and we couldn't agree more.  It's pleasantly soft to touch and is warm to wear. Dress up or down, it's as versatile as ethical fashion gets!

Secondly we have a new legging that is made from a heavier bamboo blend jersey, so it's not see-through at all.  Perfect for a work-out at the gym, yoga or day-to-day layering.  


Last but not least we have some lovely new striped socks. They come in an elegant grey and black stripe with a contrast colour reinforced heel and toe.  Perfect as a gift for you or a loved one.


And in case you've forgotten why we love bamboo so much here's a reminder of what makes this one of our favourite sustainable fibres:

1. It's eco-friendly as it grows naturally without the use of fertilisers or pesticides.  

2. It only needs rain water to grow - very little additional water is required.

3. It uses just 10% of the land needed to grow the same amount of cotton fibre.  

4. The fabric has - here comes the science - a cellulosic structure of microfibres which keeps you warm when it's cold by trapping warm air but will also keep you cool in hot weather by allowing air to circulate.  

5. This fabric is antibacterial, naturally disposing of bacteria and inhibits its growth which makes for longer lasting items.


For more Bamboo facts read our previous blog post here.


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