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Ethical Fashion. What does it mean?

Posted on May 12, 2015 by Noorin Khamisani

Ethical fashion is best described as an “umbrella” term - it covers a wide variety of considerations when it comes to the design, sourcing, production, retail and purchasing of garments.

Since Outsider launched in 2009 we have seen a steady growth in consumer awareness and demands on brands to work more responsibly.  We are proud to be part of the movement offering an alternative.  

Following the tragic Rana Plaza Factory collapse in 2013 Fashion Revolution Day was created. This has been a trailblazer in inspiring consumers to ask "who made my clothes?". More and more companies are now working with a more ethical focus on their supply chains. 

For Outsider, in practical terms, ethical fashion means the following:

• Fabrics

We use only organic and/or sustainable fabrics. 
All our fabrics are either 
  • grown organically
  • recycled

  • sustainable in some way.

For example we use bamboo fabrics as they have less of an impact on the environment than oil-based or conventional cotton alternatives.

• Design

We aim for a trans-seasonal slow fashion design aesthetic, a gentle nod to trends, with versatility at it’s heart. Minimalist but with a vintage detail here and there. Our aim is to create garments you can cherish for many years.

• Manufacture

We work with factories where workers are paid a fair wage and their rights are respected. Since 2010 we have been manufacturing with, and visit regularly, three family owned factories. They are located in the UK, Macedonia (FYROM) and India.

• High quality fabrics and manufacture, allied to timeless designs

Our clothes are made to last. The fabrics and garment manufacture are both high quality and have durability in mind. Cost per wear is an important consideration for us. Our aim is to see you wearing your clothes year after year. Read more...

• Animal welfare
We are mindful of the animal fibre fabrics we use.  We never use leather, suede or angora due to the fact that they can often be produced in a way that is harmful to animals.  Some of our styles are manufactured with merino wool and silk. 

The fabric we source is made from wool fibre which is 100% certified mulsed free from New Zealand.  As it is a natural fibre it is biodegradeable (unlike many oil-based synthetic fibres created to replicate its qualities), it's naturally durable and needs less cleaning as it's odour resistant and repels water.

• Education

For your clothes to last they need to be looked after properly. Our care labels are detailed but we give more advice and tips online.



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