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Outsider was launched in the UK in 2009 with a mission statement of “Ethical fashion should just look like fashion”.   

Whether you call it Eco, Ethical, Sustainable, Green, Slow, Conscious or Responsible – ultimately it’s about creating and designing beautiful garments with a more thoughtful approach.

OUTSIDER garments can be worn and loved season after season. Good clothes do not go out of fashion. We're inspired by the items that have been in our wardrobes for years; because true style is timeless, not transient or throwaway. 

Our versatile day-to-evening pieces are made to the highest quality and are designed to last and be loved.

We don't want to preach about ethics to our clients we simply want to create the solution for them. People want fashionable clothes and they should be able to buy them without worrying about the impact on the world.

We are creating an alternative, an ethical and sustainable choice that does not compromise on design or quality. 

Organic and sustainable clothing should be the norm and we are working towards it no longer being a niche.

Outsider styles have found favour with actresses Elizabeth Moss and Emma Thompson, as well as Livia Firth of Eco Age & The Green Carpet Challenge.  We also count numerous creative professional women among our fans and we love to showcase them through our blog.

OUTSIDER is a result of several years of working in the conventional fashion world in the UK where we witnessed big brands placing profit above everything else. Is it possible to run a successful company and still have a heart? We believe that with determination and strong beliefs anything is possible.

We are now expanding into Europe - a French website launched in the summer of 2016. 

It just takes one OUTSIDER to make a difference.

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Outsider Fashion is the Ethical Fashion clothing destination for all things sustainable. We pride ourselves on our use of Natural, Sustainable Fabrics - Organic Cotton, Merino Wool, Hemp, Bamboo and Tencel. Outsider Fashion is a UK based company, with the option of Worldwide postage. Stay up to date through our Ethical Fashion Blog. Now also offering Sustainable & Organic fabrics by the metre and a range of Natural Beauty.

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